Sunday, August 28, 2011

News From Lancaster, California


As many of you know, we are in Lancaster, California to bring our oldest daughter, Morgan, to West Coast Baptist College.  It is a bitter-sweet time for Teresa and I as we have to get the scissors out and start cutting the some of the cords tying us together together to Morgan.

It was about a six and a half hour drive to Lancaster from Yuba City on Saturday.  We had no real problems getting here in our eleven year old van.  We are thankful for the safety God has given us on the highways through the years.

It is amazing how the Lord works in our lives.  Twenty-five years ago my roommate in college, Gary Spaeth was from Buffalo, New York and I was from Fort Myers, Florida.  For the time we are in Lancaster this week, Gary and his wife Melissa are graciously hosting us in their home.  It is too long of a story to type but suffice it to say, God moves in mysterious AND wonderful ways.  Had you asked either of us if we would both be living in California in twenty-five years and that I would be a pastor and Gary would be teaching in the same college my daughter attended, it would have seemed totally impossible, yet here we are!

Do I have enough stuff for school?

The van is full.  Good thing it is only about a 7 hour trip.

Joshua trees in the Mojave Desert.

Gary and Melissa have a spacious 5 bedroom house that has been great to stay in.

We had to get to church early to keep from having to sit in the balcony on Sunday night.

Pastor Chappell's impressive mounts in his den.

Pastor Chappell invited us to his house after church Sunday night.
Church was a blessing today and tonight with two great messages.  For Sunday School, we attended Gary's couples class which just so happened to be for the same age that we are. After the morning service, Pastor Chappell invited us to his home for fellowship following the evening service so we decided we should stay in Lancaster instead of making a quick trip to Long Beach.  On Monday, Morgan will be given her dorm room assignment and we will do our last bit of shopping for her. 

I will try and put up another post Monday night so check back for an update and more pics.  Thank you for praying for us and for being such a blessing to Morgan before she left home. 

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