Sunday, August 7, 2011

DAY FOUR - Field Day

Praise the Lord for much warmer weather today!!  Saturday was the day we were to have up to ten churches join us for a day of games and testimonies.  We were so thankful the for the good day's weather.  Unforntunately only two churches participated.  School is just starting here in Brazil so many people are finishing up their winter break vacations this weekend which accounted for the lack of participation.

Not to be deterred, we had a great time playing volleyball, and whole lot of soccer.  At lunch time, a local hot dog vender brought out his trailer and fed everyone an amazing dog.  I was unable to finish even one which accounted for another new and tasty Brazilian cuisine experience.

After lunch Brother Moyer gave his testimony to the teens - everything we say to the Brazilians has to be interpreted by Bro. Latham - and they seemed to enjoy hearing about what the Lord has done in his life.  We have become good friends with the youth at the church here and yesterday was a great chance to bond with them.  The afternoon brought one more soccer game and one twelve year old Brazilian girl who "humbled" Brother Moyer.  Jimmy had the ball and decided to start driblling down the field when she decided to pic him cleanly and head the other way.  A few taps dribbling and she fired off a shot that scored a goal for her team.  I guess she really enjoyed that Brother Moyer's testimony!  Jimmy was a good sport about the whole deal and gave me "permission" to share it.  If only we were filming the game, it was one of those all-time plays.

Saturday brought the arrival date for the Herbert family, the other half of our ministry team!  The Herberts all play multiple instruments with their specialty being brass.  They seem to be wonderful family and we have hit it off with them right from the bat.  The Herberts are from Abalene, Kansas where Jack Herbert serves as an Assistant Pastor and Principal of the Christian school in their church.  After hearing them all play together, we are anticipating an awesome week.

On Saturday night, three couples came over for dinner and a private concert by the Herberts.   Five out of the six guests are physicians here in Brazil.  One of the couples attends the church Shane Latham pastors in Porta Allegre.  It was all arranged so that they could have dinner, enjoy fine music, and then at the conclusion, get to hear the Gospel as Mrs. Latham shared her testimony and how to be saved.  Bro. Latham ended the gathering with prayer.

Please keep my Daughter Rachel in your prayers.  For some reason which we cannot figure out, she has suddenly become allergic to something here.  After serving in the kitchen the entire day helping Mrs. Latham prepare food for the big night, she suddenly broke out in welts just before dinner.  Her reaction is similar to the one she gets when she is exposed to cats but there have been no animals near her for two days.  Our only thought is perhaps she was bitten by an insect.  After about five or six hours, the Benadryl wears off and the welts return.  Pray that God will help us figure out the trigger for this reaction and that she will be healed!

Brother Moyer sharing his testimony with the teens.

Afternoon soccer.

Rachel, MeKenna, and Hannah helping out in the kitchen.
Is there a doctor in the room.
Penny Latham sharing her testimony with the five doctors who need to be saved.
Looking forward to a great day in church on Sunday!

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