Monday, August 8, 2011

DAY SIX - Let the Show Begin

On Monday we awoke to more rain.  Like our winters in Yuba City, rain is not necessarily a bad thing.  If it is raining that means that it is going to be a warm (er) day.  Probably the two greatest inconveniences for us here has been the adjustments for time and weather.  The clock here is four hours ahead of Pacific Time.  The weather during the month of August is their coldest part of the year.  There are window air and heat units that are upstairs so we have been using them the last two nights to stay warm.  Our sleep schedule is off but everyone seems to be coping pretty well.

The day started early for us as we had to do makeup before we headed out the door to the Jeronimo School which is made up of elementary through middle school.  We presented great music from the Herbert family, two mime skits, a song by Brother Latham and his personal testimony of salvation for about a thirty-five minute presentation.  At the conclusion, each student who was interested in joining the wrestling program that Brother Latham coaches were given an invitation to come to practice this afternoon.  Next, we had fliers for the church along with the plan of salvation that were given to every student and teacher.  We presented the program four times at the same school and were able to distribute the brochures to about 1,000 students.

Being welcome to come in to a public school and share the gospel is something we would never see at home yet in Brazil, it is not unusual at all.  All the young people and the teachers were very kind and gracious to us.  They thanked us for coming and many of the students were asking for autographs, facebook info and email addresses.  I feel like the Apostle Paul when he said that a great and effectual door had been opened unto him.  We are all amazed at what the Lord is allowing us to do here. 

Tonight we ate at a pizza in town where they serve over 30 different kinds of pizza.  First we were brought pepperoni pizza, banana caramel & cheese pizza, salmon
pizza, chicken heart pizza, pastrami pizza, strogenoff pizza, white chocolate with cheese, chocolate strawberry and cheese pizza, snickers pizza, ice cream pizza, chocolate and m&m pizza, and those are just the ones I can remember.  There were about ten more.
Wonder where she got her looks from.

Now we know, her mom & dad!

Look, there's more of them.  Maybe it is something in the water.

Another new and exciting dining experience.

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