Friday, August 12, 2011

DAY TEN - The Final Act

Friday was our fifth and final day in the public schools here.   We have been able to minister to over 3,000 students and school employees this week.  I thank God for the privilege that He has given me to make this trip.   I must take this chance to say thank you for all of you who helped make this possibe and giving us this opportunity.  We trust that the Lord will use all of our collective effort to produce a harvest of souls.

Our drama and music program has improved with each performance.  Every day we have been able to add a new twist to the program including a festive rally of music to open things up.  The kids love it, the school staff loves it and we have had a ball.  Including breaks, all grades only go to school for four hours a day.  With such a short day (and fund shortage), there are no music progams, sports or any extra-curriclar activities in the schools here.  During recess today, the kids were playing soccer using a two liter bottle for a ball.  I have not seen playgrounds with any equipment and as you may have noticed from our pictures, there are no indoor assembly halls.

These conditions give a group like ours coming in to provide a little entertainment with a positive message an appreciative audience.  The message they hear and see is that there are some people who care about them and what happens to them.  The most important thing that they hear is that there is a God in Heaven who loves them.  When Dr. Latham shares his testimony, he gives a clear presentation of what Christ has done for him and how they too can know Christ.

Word has spread between the schools about our presence here.  We had an adminstrator from another school come to our drama presentation and ask if we could come to present it at his school before we go back home. Dr. Latham also had a phone call from different school asking if it would be possible for us to fit them into our schedule. Unfortunately we are down to our final two days in Brazil and the calendar is already full.  There is however another group coming down in March from a church in Minnesota who will be ministering in the schools just as we have been able to do this week.   

A week of long days and short nights has caught up with several here on our team.  We are all very tired.  Erick took ill tonight with flu-like symptoms and Rachel is not completely recovered from her allergy struggle. Please keep us in your prayers.

Saturday we will be busy with wrestling practice in the morning and a ladies function at the church in the afternoon.  We are helping out with setup and the progam and helping Mrs. Latham clean up.  In the evening while I don't know what exactly what it is, we are going to some kind of folk show.

Sunday is Father's Day here where we will be singing and testifying in church.  Dr. Latham has made plans for our last evening together before we start to pack for our flight home to the USA on Monday.

Enjoy the photos.  In case you had not realized it, you can click on each picture if you would like a larger view.

The lady wearing the sweater in the middle is the principal of the school were at today.  I told here it was the cleanest school that we had been to all week.  It was no surprise that the students there were the best behaved of all the schools too.  Congratulations to her and her staff.

Mekennah and Hannah surprised us all this week.

Jon Henderson has done a great job with his characters playing the bad guy.


Rachel and ...

Brazilians love their coffee and so do we.  Would you believe that I have been drinking it black.
(You are supposed to stick your pinky out with these small cups)

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