Friday, August 5, 2011

DAY TWO: A Very Long Trip

To describe just how long our flight was, we took a trip where we were served four meals on the plane!  When we left YC, it was 7:30 AM on Wednesday.  When we arrived at our destination, it was 6:30 PM the following day.  Needless to say we were very tired. 

Everyone did very well on the trip and having an airplane with a tv and game console for every seat sure made the flight go much better.  Our first stop was in Lima, Peru to drop off and pick up passengers.  We had to deplane for cleaning and we got right back on the plane.

We had a five hour layover in Sao Paulo Brazil.  We at McDonalds and tried to nap.  People in the terminals were staring at our group a lot.  They must have figured out where we were from.  Several who spoke to us asked us how we were surviving with such a poor economy in America.  Our one mishap on the entire trip was that a carry-on bag was either left in the airport in Sao Paulo or on the plane.  It contained a used video projector that we were delivering for Brother Latham.  I told him we will do our best to make it right when we return home.

As soon as we arrived at the house, we had to get ready for Thursday night church.  While it was difficult to stay awake, we enjoyed the service and being able to meet the DEDICATED mid-week crowd at the church.  Rachel played the piano for the congregational singing and the Assitant Pastor preached while Bro. Latham interpreted in English for us.

After church, we went to the house and were finally able to lay down and get some sleep.  I will not say who, but several in our group enjoyed a 12 hour sleep!

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