Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DAY SEVEN - The Gospel Freely Proclaimed in Public School

Tuesday was another day just like Monday.  We left the house early for an 8.30 performance at another area school.  Getuilho Vargas School is the first school Brother Latham was able minister to.  About 12 years ago, he delivered donuts as a gift from his church to all the teachers there.  The faculty said no one had ever done anything like that for them before.  Though conversations, he asked who they had teaching English to the students.  They said that they had no one and asked him if that would be something that he would consider doing.  What do you believe his answer was

Today we had three assemblies and had 1,100 students watch and listen as the Herbert's played while we did our mime act and then it was followed once again with Brother Latham sharing his testimony of how good God is and how they too could be saved. 

It is amazing to watch the faces of the children as they sit and watch in the audience.  The kids here are the most precious you will ever find.  Even the teenagers are respectful and always accept the pamphlets we distribute when the assembly is over.  Listed below, the lady in the picture with John Henderson is Elaine Da Rosa Saraiva.  Elaine is the principal of the school and asked to have her picture taken with John. 

Folks, we basically walked into a public school and had a church service. We can not get over, I repeat, we cannot get over how well accepted we are with what we are trying to do here.  The need is great as Brazil is not a strong Christian country and the people here need the gospel.  What an awesome opportunity for a revival to break out in a country where they still have a respect for God.

During the evening we went to the home of Rude (pronounced Haiji) and Carla for dinner.  They have nine children and live in a four room house the size of a small two car garage.  Like everyone else who we have had fellowship with, they were very sweet and hospitable.  Please keep them in prayer as the house they are living in has been threatened by the lawsuit filed against them by Haiji's diceased father's girlfriend who is trying to get the property for herself. Haiji is Brother Latham's right hand layman in the church and they have a strong family.

I am missing my Teresa and Phoebe very much.  We all miss our church family at home.  We are looking forward to coming home one week from today. Wednesday and Thursday are going to be our longest and hardest days so please keep us in your prayers. 

This is fun.

The students were very attentive and polite.

John is popular with the girls.

Chip is popular with the girls.  (Sorry Chip, your sister put me up to it.)

Erick is well-liked by the ladies too.

They all like having their picture taken.

These high school girls were 'almost' as tall as Mrs. Moyer and wanted a picture with her.

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