Friday, August 12, 2011

DAY NINE - The Show Goes On

Our fourth day brought us to yet another school in Gravatai, Brazil.  More precious children and a really nice school principal.  While many in our group talking to the children, I have made it a mission of mine to meet as many of the staff as I can.  Dr. Latham has teachers in his church who have come because of these dramas that we are doing in the schools.  I am praying that at least one school staff person will visit his church in the weeks ahead.

Thursday night, we attended the Latham's church and we had more great music from the Herbert family, a large group special from the entire group of visitors, testimonies and another opportunity for me to preach.  Friday is our final day of visiting the schools and I am really starting to think about coming home to the rest of my family and to get back to work in my wonderful church.

Now for our first mishap of the trip, let's play the game twenty questions with pictures and see if you can figure out what I was doing until 2 AM on Thursday night and into Friday morning.

So Mekennah, Hannah and Morgan were playing in the Latham's trampoline when Morgan landed awkwardly and cracked a bone in her leg on the trampoline.  Her leg is in a cast and she will be coming home on crutches.   Pray that the remainder of our trip is "uneventful".

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