Saturday, August 6, 2011

DAY THREE - Drama Practice

Well we all needed a day to sleep in.  There is no heat where we are sleeping so when we wake up in the morning, our rooms are in the forty degree range.  Talk about cold!! Brother Latham said he needs about $8,000 to install heat in the upstairs.  I suggested that they invite every supporting pastor down in the winter time and it would not take long for the money to be raised!

It was nearly lunch time when we were all ready for the day.  There is a buffet nearby where we are going to be eating lunch every day.  I was kind of hoping I would come back lighter than when I left but after seeing and eating the kind of food we will be having for the next two weeks, I fear the opposite outcome is more likely. 

After lunch, we came back to the house and began practice for our drama skits that we will be performing in 14 different schools next week.  Hannah Moyer has demonstrated her acting talents and will be performing our lead part.  Please pray for us that we will do a good job and be used of the Lord when the time comes to go into the schools.

Later in the afternoon, we starting cleaning up the property for the group that is coming on Saturday.  There are supposed to be about 10 church youth groups here for an activity day of volleyball, soccer and other field games. 

In the evening, we ate dinner at the home of a lady in the church named Nelsie.  Her home is what most of us in the states would call a shack.  The walls and floors were made of wood slats with spaces inbetween each board allowing the cold air to blow right in.  She has no heat of any kind for herself and her three boys.  While we were eating, cats kept crawling in from outside through the space between the rafters where the wall meets the ceiling.  They had smelled the food and found a way in to try and join us.

I was ready to give Nelsie some money for all the food she prepared but then Brother Latham told me that he gave different families in the church some money so they could buy and prepare food for our group each night.  The visit concluded with our group singing some songs for for Nelsie and her family which made her cry.  I was fighting tears myself when I saw the joy of the Lord on her face as she shed her tears.

The night ended with us meeting in the livingroom of the Latham home having our evening devotions together.  Brother Latham shared some Scriptures with us and spoke to us about what the Lord has done in his life.  It was a great way to conclude the day.

Thank you for remembering us in your prayers for safety, good health, that we can be a blessing to the Lathams and the church, and that the Lord will use us greatly to reach the people of Brazil.

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